This is Clouds; a 2D horizontal shooter in the visage of the greats of the 16-bit era. A poor imitation, maybe, but I think it contains at least a little in the way of originality in the plot and graphics.


Significant things to know about Clouds are:

  • made using only free software.
  • source code freely available under the LGPL license for FREE!
  • completely portable codebase(compiles on Linux and Windows so far)
  • uses SDL for graphics/input/sound/etc.
  • can be fun if you just open your mind a bit

I’m very proud of this game as it is the first game I have ever actually started and finished. I have been programming ‘games’ or at least attempting to ever since I was in the fourth grade. At the ripe old age of 25 26, now I can cross of one accomplishment from my long, long list of things to do before I die.

I hope you enjoy Clouds. If you do, feel free to get ahold of me or leave me some friendly comments. And if you make any cool modifications or changes to the game, let me know!

Get the source here:

Get the win32 executable here:

NOTE: You must have the source if you want to use the binary. (Put the binary in the /src directory and double click on Clouds.exe.)


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