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So I was reading around various news sites this morning, and discovered something that just made my jaw drop. Apparently the city of Pittsburgh PA decided that it might be a good idea to tax college students 1% for the … Continue reading

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Windows party!

For those of you not in the know (e.g., you can’t avoid this if your eyes are open at least half the time during the day) today is Windows 7 day! All hail the benelovent Microsoftians that have worked hard … Continue reading

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Net Neutrality

Unless you’re a shill for some company, or are on the take for the government, then you should support the idea of Net Neutrality. Cory Doctorow, agree with him or not, is a smart man, and has a lot of … Continue reading

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How to set up my DVR…so I can remember how to do it.

So, obviously, step 1 is to download Mythbuntu and install it. (NOTE: Do not use ext4, it seems to implode after a week or two.) Step 2, run through the usual configuration riggamarole. Nothing out of the ordinary for anyone … Continue reading

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A few tidbits…

So, I rarely read New York Times articles, but I ran across a couple that really got my craw up. The first hits close to home for me, in that it has confirmed what I have always suspected; our oceans … Continue reading

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New iPod, or fix the old one?

So…I’ve been having some ongoing issues with my current iPod video (30gb model to be specific.) First, I was having difficulties transferring files to it, although this turned out to just be a bad cable. The second problem, however, turned … Continue reading

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Goodbye facebook.

So, I decided yesterday to finally close my facebook page. It was started by my brother back when it was closed to everyone except university students and employees of some companies. Jon was a student, and I was an employee … Continue reading

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I’m in a world of goo…

So, I was reading Slashdot the other day and came across this article about a game called World of Goo. I had heard of this game before, as it was one of the earlier ones that showed up in the … Continue reading

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I had a bad week.

After some careful thinking during a weeklong training course I had at work, I was able to come up with the following explanation for why I seem so angry all the time. I applied some business logic to the problem … Continue reading

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So this is the new year?

Well, I’ve been meaning to make a post for awhile, but I’ve been extremely busy around the holidays. Also, whilst at my parents house, I didn’t really muck around on the internet at all, so no updates. Anyways, the holidays … Continue reading

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