The Wrap Up

Since its been awhile since I have made any posts, I thought I’d summarize a large number of changes in one post. I’ve actually got a few draft posts written up that are rather large, but didn’t feel that dumping them on here out of no where was a good idea.


– Dropped Verizon Wireless as a cell phone carrier due to years of aweful customer service.

– Added Cricket as Wireless carrier, extremely happy with the price and phone.

– Going to France for a week for work in the next week or so.

– Going to Ireland later this summer for vacation.

– Making really great progress on my basement remodel.

– Got the Scooter running again after 2 years of neglect. Cleaned up nicely.

– Still working on Master’s Degree in Information Systems Engineering

– Excited for my younger brother to be married later this year, planning a fun trip for his Bachelor’s party as I’m his best man. Thats right…best man.

– Had 3rd annual block party on my street with all of my lovely neighbors.

– Haven’t been doing much spare time programming due to all of the above activities, but now that I have an Android phone, I’m looking into it.

– Feel much better having made this post.

Now, the next post I make will be much easier, right? Right.

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