So I was reading around various news sites this morning, and discovered something that just made my jaw drop. Apparently the city of Pittsburgh PA decided that it might be a good idea to tax college students 1% for the “luxury” of going to school in the city, claiming that they’re a burden on city services!! What an insane argument to make.

Consider the following:

  • College tuition has gone up more during my lifetime than it has throughout the rest of its history.
  • These same students that are a burden on the city often have NO or VERY LITTLE income as they work full time at getting grades, and are therefore living off of loans.
  • These loans are getting larger and larger, placing a much greater burden on the students after graduation.
  • These same students LIVE IN THE CITY and pay their landlords, eat food, and purchase goods in THE CITY!!
  • After graduating, these students are being given another reason to flee the city and live in the suburbs, which means no real-estate tax or taxable income for the city of Pittsburgh.
  • The city is trading a small amount of taxes today, for a greater loss tomorrow.

A similar situation is occurring in Baltimore, but it has to do with real estate taxes. It just blows my mind that someone would do something so stupid. Congratulations Mayor Dumbass!

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