Windows party!

For those of you not in the know (e.g., you can’t avoid this if your eyes are open at least half the time during the day) today is Windows 7 day! All hail the benelovent Microsoftians that have worked hard since 2001 to deliver a new and compelling operating system! Which Windows 7 party are you attending?


Seriously though, after arguably one of the worst operating system launches ever….Vista, Microsoft does an honorable thing and DOESN’T REFUND ANYONE’S MONEY FOR VISTA!!! and charges you again to “sidegrade” to Windows 7????? I am so glad that I’ve been out of the Windows release cycle for long enough to have forgotten the pain of it all. Microsoft is an evil company on so many different goddamn levels it makes my head want to explode.


Thank them for singlehandedly setting the home PC software world back at least 10 to 15 years. Thank them for squashing out all competition it faced, and even competition it didn’t face. Remember Netscape? How exactly were they cutting into Bill’s bottom line? Microsoft wasn’t in the browser market at all, and at one point had over 1000 employee’s trying to sink Netscape, which they were eventually successful at doing. Remember BeOS? Thank Microsoft’s vendor lock-in policy for their untimely demise.


If it weren’t for Microsoft, we may have seen much faster standardization on the web, in document formats, audio and video formats, portable music players, as well as graphics drivers and API’s, vector graphics formats, programming languages, compilers, and a list of countless other technologies. But because their answer to competition is to use their tremendous pile of cash to either buy up, or out lock-in competition and the public, we can all cough up 100 to 400 dollars to buy one of the 9 SKU’s for Windows 7 to feed the monkey if they dare cut off support for Windows XP.


I just cant stomach any of their continued crap, snarky commercials, or any of their philosophical rhetoric about patents or any other shit. It just makes me sick every time I have to buy a computer with goddamn Windows pre-installed and have to beg for a refund for something I never wanted.

 And I don’t want to hear any of you dick’s running OSX saying that you’re not part of the problem. Apple has proven themselves every bit as bad as Microsoft! iTunes? iPod? iPhone? TPM chip? QuickTime? Possibly worse than Microsoft if you think about it.

In other news, I upgraded my laptop to Ubuntu 9.10 (Karmic Koala) in about 45 minutes last night. It didn’t cost me anything, and god bless the open ended development of Linux as a whole. Special thanks to Mark Shuttleworth and Canonical for doing a public service and pushing the development of sofware for EVERYONE!!! Not just those that can afford the vendor lock in of Microsoft.

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