How to set up my DVR…so I can remember how to do it.

So, obviously, step 1 is to download Mythbuntu and install it. (NOTE: Do not use ext4, it seems to implode after a week or two.)

Step 2, run through the usual configuration riggamarole. Nothing out of the ordinary for anyone that has installed Mythbuntu, and to be honest, its only gotten easier over the last releases.

Step 3 is to set up the repository to install Boxee. Boxee is a great program, learn to love it.

Step 4, set up the Wiimote by installed cwiid, wminput, etc. And then put the config for it in its proper place. Add uinput to rc.local, and make sure wminput runs at startup by adding it to the same script.

Step 5, modify the MythTV menu to include Boxee.

Step 6, enjoy.

In other news, my friend from work, Tim, and I are planning on getting a sponsored expedition to the giant garbage island. Basically, think of it like Jacques Cousteau’s amazing eye-opening films, except that we will be filming the worst parts of the world. We’ll get some Red One camera’s, a bunch of rum and orange juice, and then haul ass out to the middle of the pacific. Maybe we’ll hit a few of the other truly trashy waterways of the world such as those in India or China.

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