A few tidbits…

So, I rarely read New York Times articles, but I ran across a couple that really got my craw up. The first hits close to home for me, in that it has confirmed what I have always suspected; our oceans are FILLED with garbage. The reason why you don’t hear more about it is because the way the corialis effect spins the ocean. It keeps most of the floating junk in the center of the ocean in an area roughly TWICE the size of FRANCE!! You need to read this article and just think about it the next time you consider littering. I like to consider myself a good samaritan. When I walk Brewster or whenever I’m in the park, I try to pick up at least one piece of trash. Whether its a plastic bottle, or one of those damn Capri Sun containers, I always try to do something. For instance, last week, one of the trash cans was tipped over, so I picked up all the trash that had spilled out and put it back in. I’m not saying everyone should do this, but if you just pick up one item that you see, and try to get all your own garbage in the can, we could really help a bit. I mean there are garbage cans EVERYWHERE!! You almost have to go out of your way to litter. Urgh….sorry…it just really gets me down to see trash in nature.

On to uplifting article #2…so as you may know…I hate torture. I hate that people have been tortured in the past, I hate that countries still torture people today, and I REALLY hate that America is one of them. I mean, when our nation is looked upon as leaders of the free world, and we revert to tactics that were developed in the era of Romans, have far can you say our society has come? Anyways, looky here.

And finally, I want an iPhone. Verizon, its time to open your pocketbooks and give Apple whatever they want.

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