I’m in a world of goo…

So, I was reading Slashdot the other day and came across this article about a game called World of Goo. I had heard of this game before, as it was one of the earlier ones that showed up in the WiiWare channel on my Wii. It was apparently sold as a puzzler, and I generally don’t like puzzlers, so I ignored the game until I read the aforementioned article. To my surprise, not only had the game been ported to Linux, but they had a demo available in .rpm, .deb, and .tar.gz flavors! Finally! A developer that gets it!

Building a Bridge

Building a Bridge

It turns out that World of Goo is actually an amazing game. Its not just a puzzler. Its a physics based puzzler that is amazingly well done. Its not a stupid tetris clone or bejeweled or any of that crap. Its an honest to goodness original take on the genre. Apparently it was made by two ex-EA devs who put their life savings together ($10k) and set out to make a great game. (Wikipedia corroborates my story.)

Having said all that, I bought the game on WiiWare and have played it for a few hours. I love it! As I said, its not a traditional puzzler. I find that Sara is often interested in watching me play and solve the various puzzles in the game. (I’m trying not to give away any plot or details to the game so you’ll check it out.) I plan on also buying the Linux version to support the devs in their quest to develop new and quality games, and I suggest that if you like the demo, you purchase it on your platform of choice as well. The game is easily playable in small chunks as each level should only take you a few minutes.

I should also point out that this game is DRM FREE!! Which means that they assume you’re not a pirate and trust you, instead of saying you’re guilty until you pay them, at which point, you’re still guilty. Highly recommended!

In other news, the worldstillsucks

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