So this is the new year?

Well, I’ve been meaning to make a post for awhile, but I’ve been extremely busy around the holidays. Also, whilst at my parents house, I didn’t really muck around on the internet at all, so no updates.

Anyways, the holidays were great. I really liked taking it easy for a few days. Sara and Brewster and I hung out and got to see friends and family. It went smashingly. Christmas was good, New Years in Baltimore was a success. Everyone had a good time I’d like think.

As you may have also noticed, I upgraded my wordpress theme a little. The old one was quite stale. The new one isn’t finished by any means, but its a little more compliant at least. I’ll adjust to it, and may change it again at some point in the near future.

I’ve got plenty of things to keep me busy. I’m still working on the GTK stuff, and I have a few new fun programming things on my plate as well. When I get more free time, I’ll be sure to update…but Sara is sick, and I need to make sure she gets better soon.

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