WordPress 2.5.1 vulnerable?

So…this post is almost a followup to my last one. After my other site twofooterowhouse.com was hacked a month or so ago, I thought I was safe. Apparently not. The site was hacked again, this time even worse.

The hackers injected javascript into every file on the site that apparently connets to wp-stats-php.info or something like that. I have NO idea how they got in, and the wordpress forums are a waste of time. Its a flame war over there.

Its probably only a matter of time until this site gets hacked, seeing as it is running the same version of wordpress. I hope I can get this worked out, otherwise, it looks like I don’t have enough free time to keep fixing the site. Not to mention that it needs to be updated occasionally.

If anyone has any insight on this, get a hold of me.

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