The Internet Gestapo

So, I don’t know if anyone reading this has noticed, but my other site that I run with Sara, is inaccessible to people using Firefox. Whats worse, people coming from google will get a “Badware” warning. What is all this about?Gestapo

Let me try to explain it as easily as I can. runs WordPress for its content management system. Occasionally hackers find a way to mess with WordPress sites, so if you don’t stay up-to-date on WordPress releases, you can be found by hackers. This is apparently what happened to Twofooterowhouse. The sucky part is, there is a website called stopbadware that attempts to identify sites that can potentially harm your computer by distributing viruses, phishing, etc. Somehow, twofooterowhouse was flagged by these people as a badware site. This is all well and good because I found out that my site had actually been compromised. I would have loved to have just logged in and fixed the problem…but guess what, you can’t get to the site with Firefox(my browser of choice.) I installed Epiphany and had to use that instead, as they have ignored all the horsecrap Stopbadware nonsense. I immediately purged my WP database, upgraded my software, and did a manual scan and removed the offending files. Problem solved, right? Not really….

Now on to the really crappy part. The folks at Firefox are in bed with Google to be the internet police and protect the good citizens of netville. What this means that ANY site that is reported to Stopbadware, eg Google, is automatically added to a list and then anyone using Firefox can’t visit the website. What they are trying to do, albeit noble, is to police THE ENTIRE INTERNET! This means that for whatever percentage of people that use Firefox and visit my site, they are hijacking my domain. What the hell gives them this right? I was able to fix the problem in minutes…but here we are, days later, and my site is still unable to be visited.

I have submitted a sharp tongued request to these jerks to take my site off the list, but since they made NOT A SINGLE EFFORT to contact me before I was added, I am assuming they’ll take their sweet F’n time to take me off the list. This is all extremely frustrating to me as I have been such a huge supporter of Google and Firefox. Now, I am left with a bitter taste in my mouth as I sit here waiting for some kind of response.

I have sooo many additional words I want to write about this subject, but instead, I think I’ll spend this effort submitting people’s sites to Stopbadware so they can go through the same hell as I am. F authority. Shame on Google and Firefox. Let people have choice, after all, thats what your organizations were founded on.

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