Max Power

So, this is normally nothing for me to brag about, since its not on the front of my mind, but today is a milestone of sorts for myself. I have been lifting weights off and on since my sophomore year of college. I obviously started doing this to impress women. But regardless of why I have started, today I will announce that I have officially flat benched 145 lbs unassisted. I did 4 reps and decided that if I didn’t want to crush myself, this was probably where I should set it down. This is the most I have ever benched in my life. Previous to that, every time I get up to being able to bench 135, something terrible happens, and I’m forced to take 6 months off of working out. A back injury, a leg injury, debilitating sickness, a monthlong bender, you name it, it has stopped me before. But no more!

Now on a more serious note, if you know me, you’ll know that I’m not at all a serious person. The reason why I work out is just to stay in relatively good shape. I’m not trying to get jacked or ripped or ripped off or anything like that. I just don’t want to die in the next few years due to my high bacon intake. That is all.

And finally, this is the coolest hack I have ever seen. I love the C64, I love Guitar Hero, and some guy has combined these into one sexy thing. Behold, Shredz64:

And part 2:

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