So, my favorite band, The Blood Brothers, have decided to call it quits. God bless them, they’ve changed my life. I look at music through a set of different eyes now thanks to them.

The Blood Brothers

I remember first hearing them open for…I think it was Glassjaw in Pittsburgh at Club Laga (back when it existed.) It was by pure accident that I heard them, but I remember the first song that they played was Cecilia and the Silhouette Saloon. Which, if you’ve heard it, is a blistering keyboard driven ballad. (You can see/hear that here, thanks to YouTube. ) When I got back to my room, I had to search and find that song, seeing as it wasn’t on the 3 song demo they were handing out (these were the pre-Burn, Piano Island, Burn days.) Their sound was so raw and untamed, it took a bit of listening to get used to, but once I did, I was hooked. They quickly became my favorite band, and I’ve seen them 6 or 7 times in the last years of their careers.

Every time I saw them live, their show was tighter and better refined. I really can’t say enough good things about them. Their lyrics are altogether hard to follow, yet they always evoke a feeling when you hear or read them. They definitely put out a very definitive imagery in their music, with their latest album, Young Machetes being the most literal. If you haven’t heard of them, or even if you have, I beg you to give them a listen and enjoy them.

I’ll sign off with a quote from probably my favorite song, off of their last cd, Crimes, its called Devastator. This is the last set of words on the CD:

The party’s over, what was your favorite gift?
Neon black future charging like a bull with a funeral bouqet ready to explode.

I was able to videotape their last show they played in Washington DC, but the quality didn’t come out quite as I had hoped. Someday, maybe, I’ll be able to polish it up and post it. Lets hope.

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