One of my favorite games…

So, for the last month or two, I’ve been immersing myself in the SimCity series of games. I started off with playing SimCity 2000 until I had basically filled the board. This was the first game in the series to sport an isometric view of the city with multiple zoom levels (something that I consider to be key.) SimCity 2000 is, of course, playable under many OS’s thanks due to DosBox. The only real problem I have with SimCity 2000 is that the game is sort of chock full of bugs. You’re power plants are supposed to explode after 50 years, but for some reason, some of mine have survived for over 100. Not all, but some. It’s weird. The list goes on, but this set of bugs prompted me to switch it up to SimCity 3000.

SimCity 3000 is a big step up in the visuals part, and also somewhat a step up in the micromanagement part. Pollution is a much bigger concern, as they’ve added landfills and garbage incinerators. Its just the next logical step in the series. I’ve settled on playing out SimCity 3000 until I fill a map up I’d say. There aren’t any gameplay related bugs that I’ve noticed, and the game runs just fine in an older version of Wine (9.10 for the curious.)

Its weird though, none of the SimCity games have any point other than to build up a nation and run it. There is no ending, and there is no solution, just sort of a home decorating game for people that like to decorate entire cities. The soundtracks to the games are always great, but really, there isn’t anything compelling about them. Yet, I still find myself dwindling away hours I shouldn’t be able to spare with them.

For anyone interested, I’ve provided links above to play the original SimCity 2000 with DosBox. Go ahead, give it a try.

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