Interesting reading…

Just in case you aren’t aware of what waterboarding actually is (I know, I thought it was a cool variation on knee-boarding myself…surfs up!) you should read this link at How-Stuff-Works. It’s a pretty good technical description of this form of torture. It’s interesting to me because to me, it doesn’t sound like having this done would cause the reaction it does, but I’m willing to believe the torturers. At least, its good to have the knowledge of what politicians believe is or is not torture.

Another great piece of reading is this article on Ubuntu. Its a completely non-biased article of knit-picks about Ubuntu. I know that I love Ubuntu, but I definitely agree with all of this guys points. I mean, Ubuntu is still a young operating system, and clearly has a long way to go. I feel that I can live with all of the short comings, but its good to at least have these in writing. Hopefully the devs will read his article and take some notes.

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