Big news?

So, I’ve updated the site(finally) to use the newest version of WordPress, so this means that comments will be allowed again thanks to the Akismet spam filtering. Glorious days. I plan on upgrading again to the wonderous 2.3 version in a few days but at least now, I don’t have to empty my inbox and spam folders so often. It was getting crazy.

Anyways, while reading this article about caffeine, and realizing how thoroughly tired I was this morning, I decided to write a little bit about my ongoing addiction. You see, throughout my life at various times, I have either been drinking caffeine or not. There really isn’t any inbetween. When I am on it, I have to have a cup or two of coffee in the morning, and a few sodas through the day. Thats not so bad, right? Think again.

When I drive to work(before I’ve had my free cups of coffee) I’m in a trance state. It’s like a horse with blinders. I’m awake enough to go through the motions, but my mind isn’t really turned on yet. Once I get to work and start to suck down the bitter black liquid, I start to actually wake up. Around 8:30, once I’ve had cup #2, is when I’m at my best during the day. I feel normal. I can think and program clearly, and that usually lasts until around 9:45 or so, when I get hungry. I usually snack on pretzels, which brings on the thirst for a delicious Coke. It’s at this point that the ill effects of caffeine start to kick in. I’m usually hungry again by 11:15 or so, at this point my body starts to slow down. I usually counter this with a Mt. Dew which only just barely gets me to lunch at 12. Now…here’s where the day can go one of two ways. If its a day that I’ve brought my own lunch(most weekdays) then I eat my lunch and don’t have caffeine for the rest of the day. IF, however, its a day where I am provided lunch by work, or eat out with co-workers(like on Fridays) I generally overeat and then have another 2 or 3 soda’s in the afternoon. Either way, when I get home around 5:30 or so, I’m dead tired. Completely wiped out.

Now, once home, I’ll either decide that a nap is a bad idea because I won’t be able to get to sleep at night, or goto the gym to combat my nappy-ness. Either way, its a losing battle. By 9PM I’ll be wide awake. Even if I get into bed, I’ll lie there tossing and turning until 10:30 or so, no matter how much physical activity I’ve had.

The next morning I wake up at 5:45, feeling completely groggy and disoriented. Can you see how this snowballs? Caffeine is a terrible addiction in my eyes, and a huge waste of money. And its a terrible trap to be caught in.

Now, there have been times in my life when I have lived without caffeine. By my novice estimates, once you kick it completely, it takes about a month for your body to adjust back to its normal behaviors. You stop getting headaches, and more importantly, the craving to follow any salty food with soda goes away. The best part is, waking up becomes a great part of your day. When you get out of bed, you’re as awake as you’ll be all day. No stumbling around, no disoriented feeling until you get to work and chug down the first cup of blackness. I mean, does anyone really know of anyone who doesn’t drink caffeine in some form? I sure don’t.

Its a frightening fact that its a terribly addictive, habit forming drug, and everyone does it. I mean, it alters your mood, state of mind, and your ability to work and think clearly. I really wish everyone would give it a little more thought the next time they’re tired and reach for a Redbull.

-End of rant-

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3 Responses to Big news?

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  2. Zeke Templin says:

    Ben, my friend, if you received a trackback request via email, it was from me. This post made me realize that I too needed an outlet to complain to the world.


  3. Mary says:

    Is this a big news? I don’t think so….

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