Things lately.

So, I decided to cancel my eMusic account. Why? Because they just don’t have the music I want. I really wanted to like them, but week after week, albums were being released that I couldn’t find on eMusic. I mean come on, they don’t have the following albums: Peter, Bjorn, and John; My Morning Jacket; Annuals; Cloud Cult; Neil Young; Radiohead, and many others. I love that they offer DRM free tracks, but I can’t waste 13 bucks a month if they don’t happen to have an album that I want. Great idea, poor execution.

Also, I’ve been listening to a lot of so called ‘podcasts’ while at work to pass the time lately. One of my regular shows, Twit, is always advertising for a service that sells audiobooks called Audible. They’re even giving away a free book to anyone that signs up under Twit. I could’nt resist a free book, so I signed up. Little did I know (and how could I) that you need to use the Audible Manager to download said free book. I tried, unsuccessfully, to use wine to run the crappy progam. Next I tried my copy of XP under Virtualbox, no luck. You see, my Verizon DSL crapped out after installing the program, and in order to add a new audio device for export you have to be connected to the internet. My dumb luck, or their crappy program? You decide. My advice is to keep away from their service until they start to offer DRM free downloads in a standard format, or at the very least, support linux.

Good day sir.

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