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Big news?

So, I’ve updated the site(finally) to use the newest version of WordPress, so this means that comments will be allowed again thanks to the Akismet spam filtering. Glorious days. I plan on upgrading again to the wonderous 2.3 version in … Continue reading

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Activate Verizon DSL in Linux.

So, I had the unpleasant experience of having my Verizon DSL (Westell 6100) modem die on me the other day. I received my new one today having totally forgot that they require Windows to activate their service. It didn’t matter … Continue reading

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Things lately.

So, I decided to cancel my eMusic account. Why? Because they just don’t have the music I want. I really wanted to like them, but week after week, albums were being released that I couldn’t find on eMusic. I mean … Continue reading

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