Dressed in a shark-skin suit.

I did it! I finally broke the cycle of abuse. I got a new job!! Sorry to sound so excited, but I’ve been waiting for this day for a long time. Not only am I going to be an embedded systems designer, but I’m getting a rather sizable raise. This kills multiple birds with a minimum number of stones. Now, hopefully, Sara and I can start living a little more comfortably. I’ve been just barely breaking even on bills and savings for the longest time, and now, hopefully I can start to pay down some of my outstanding debt.

Also, in even sweater news, I got a scooter!! Sara and I decided, after a long period of deliberation, that we should put our income tax return money towards a pair of 50cc retro-style scooters. I got mine first because the color Sara wanted wasn’t right in stock. Hers is coming in this week. I would post a picture, but I already crashed mine. The very first test ride I tried, I hadn’t full checked the brakes…turns out they weren’t quite working how I thought, so I had to dump the scooter into a parked Jeep. The Jeep was fine, but there was a shark-toothed bite out of the scooters plastic hull. Oh well, now it has character…like my car. I’ll post more later on scooter related things.

Now back to rebuilding my DVR with Feisty!

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