I’m deaf.

So I went to see The Blood Brothers last night in Washington, D.C. at Black Cat with Celebration and The Chinese Stars. I have a few words to say. First, The Chinese Stars were technically proficient, but overall, they were just a dance-style rock band. Sort of a one trick pony if you will. Also, Celebration has gotten better, but that doesn’t mean they’re good. They do have one amazing song that I got on video.

Speaking of which, I got the entire Blood BrothersĀ  set on video. I made a DVD out of it, and plan on eventually putting it on YouTube or some such for everyone to enjoy. I have a lot more to write about the show, but I’m exhausted. This week has been crazy.

Also, I have job related news, but again, its going to have to wait until I’m not tired. Perhaps this weekend. Which, btw, is Kieron’s birthday. If you see him, be sure to wish him a happy 26th.

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