My last post was a bit weird. My apologies. Since then, I have cancelled my Comcast DVR and cable service because for one month, my bill was $150. Thats insane. I had digital cable, a DVR, and HDTV, as well as high speed internet. Seem like a fair deal? I didn’t think so.

I signed up with Verizon’s DSL service for 21.99 a month(but knowing Verizon, it’ll be more like 30 bucks a month.) To fix my TV cable problem, I downgraded to just basic analog cable, and followed a life dream of mine and built a MythTV DVR. I made a custom case, and made it all look nice using custom hardware and Xubuntu. Eventually I will make an entire page devoted to this setup, but as for now, the software isn’t quite perfect. The sound occasionally stops working, and the remote is only intermittent.

Don’t worry, I’m not dead. I’m still plugging along. Work is sorta crazy as always, which makes me continually wish I worked somewhere else, but until things get horrible, I’ll probably continue to take the abuse. Oh well.

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