Apparently I’m doing something wrong.

I checked the traffic logs for my site today on a whim, and who knew? I get over 100 hits a day, with a recent high of 300 for last Wednesday. Thats crazy for as little as I post. It makes me think that I’m a really great target for bots and spam(I had 113 comments holding in moderation…and those were only for old posts) or that people are very very intersted in my daily activities.

I somehow think its the former instead of the latter. Oh well. I will still try to update the site more often. I haven’t been taking many pictures lately of all the things we do, although I should. Its been a pretty good year so far. Things are gradually going to start slowing down at work, so I should be able to have a little more time to myself. My current set of projects are to edit our wedding DVD, make a 3d model of a cabinet I want to make, and to rearrange our basement(its messy.) Also, I’ve entered myself and my wife into the Shamrock 5k run. That should be intersting. See? I’m keeping busy.

Back to the daily grind for now though.

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