2 things…

First things first. Sorry I’ve been away for so long. It happens…we’ll both deal. In my time away from posting, spammers have found that they can still post comments on my old posts. So far, they’re batting zero percent on spam comments that have been accepted. Hopefully they’ll wakeup and realize that nothing they’re doing works for advertisement, but most likely not. I’ll keep having to mark all comments as spam and keep cleaning out my email inbox…oh well.

Second, I saw a thing on TV about this guy a few months ago, but reading his first hand account of his ordeal online is insane. Maher Arar is a Canadian citzen(Syrian by birth) that was detained on an airport layover in the United States, sent to Syria, and tortured severely for nearly a year. What was his crime? Nothing. He was never convicted or tried of any crime. He was a ‘person of interest’ to the United States. The American people, and moreover congress, have given the government almost limitless power in regards to detaining and holding people whom they deem as terrorists or as it is actually more generally phrased “an enemy combatant.” This scares the shit out of me.

You could be thrown in a federal prison without ever being charged with a crime, and given no access to a lawyer or anyone else for an indefinite period of time. Scared? You should be. Just because you think this won’t happen to you because you have no ties to foreign countries or people doesn’t mean it can’t. In 2 years when Bush is gone and we have someone else in power, who’s to say he won’t use these unlimited powers in a different way? It harkens back to the McCarthy pink-o scare. That nonsense started a cold war that lasted for 30 years and is still ingering today.

I, personally, am terrified to live in the United States. I’m ashamed to be American, and I feel sorry for all the people in other countries that have been affected by our boundless arrogance and stupidity.

Read a transcription of Maher’s ordeal here.

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