Set fire to the face on fire.


Seriously, their new CD, “Young Machetes” is the best CD I’ve ever heard. I can say this after 2 days of nearly nonstop listening. The Blood Brothers new sound is so much bigger than anything they’ve done in the past, and I feel they’ve reached a level of accessibility that will bring in a lot of new listeners. (And no matter what all you haters say, more people listening is a good thing…I’m thinking of YOU, Butala.)
If you don’t have this CD yet(and you probably don’t,) order it off of their website or pick it up when it comes out in stores. I got the pre order copy on Monday and it came with some buttons and stickers and other cool stuff. Now, its a countdown until they play with Trail of Dead on November 14th in Washington.

Carry on, bloodthirsty zeppelin.

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