Free at last, free at last….

So, I’ve been very paranoid lately about the whole government surveillance thing. Jon, Angela, and Sara can attest to this as I went on, and on about it on our 6 hour ride home last weekend. It just really freaks me out that even though there are laws against warrantless wiretaps, and the Bill of Rights states that American citizens have the right to any undue search or seizure, the government has deemed it necessary so we can “git the terrists.” I am all for the safety of our people, but lets be honest, when the government listens to ALL domestic phone calls, how long is it until we the people are arrested for other crimes? God bless the Patriot Act I suppose.

Anyways, I saw on CNN when I woke up today that a Federal Judge in Michigan has finally put some sense into the whole issue, and has even gone as far to publicly berate this administration. You can read more about it here. The article doesn’t quote the judge, but the news clip I saw said something along the lines of “There are no hereditary kings in America.” Because the act of the NSA wiretapping its citizens is the same as a dictator or king doing whatever they want. Everyone is accountable.

Anyways, lets end the scary rant. Sara and I put a contract in a 2nd house today(we didn’t get the first one we put a contract in on because there was another couple with a contract in, plus they had a hundo K cash.) This one should stick, so the whole “buying a house” fiasco should be over. This means that instead of looking at houses 3 or 4 nights a week, I will have time to do things like eat healthy, go to the gym, and perhaps spend some spare time with my ailing computer. (The power supply is apaprently going dead…its insane.)

So anyways, more updates soon, less whining, more pictures, and miniature American flags for everyone!

UPDATE: More awesome news concerning wiretaps being illegal. Take that sheepish telephone companies!!

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