I’m getting metal legs.

Well, its been a really busy few days since coming back to Baltimore. Sara and I have done the best to move all of our stuff into my small, expensive apartment. It doesn’t all fit, and we still have quite a bit of stuff to bring down in the next couple weeks, but we’re doing OK.

I haven’t really had a spare second to myself to sit down and get anything productive done, like post some wedding/honeymoon pictures like I’ve been meaning to do, but I promise that I’ll post some pictures tonight. My computer is finally almost back up and running, and I only have to get a haircut and open a bank account with Sara tonight. This leaves me very few excuses to use to not do it.

In other news, the government wants to wiretap your router. This is pretty freaking scary. I mean, they at least needed a warrant to wiretap phones back in the day, but since that law has basically been thrown out, would this be very much different?

A government should fear its citizens and not the other way around.

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