Who will police the police?

So, I read an interesting article the other day about just how much snooping is going on in the states. To say the least, I’m apalled. I am normally not a paranoid person. I don’t like to get all uppity about tinfoil hats and satellite photos, but this stuff is getting scary.

I read somewhere(not sure where) that George Bush believes that as long as he deems it so, there is no need to get a warrant or follow proper procedure. That is, of course, highly condensed, but it was to the same effect.

Ahh man, this post isn’t going well. I’ve been busting my ass at work for the last two weeks, and when I’m not working or trying to get in shape, I’m doing wedding stuff and making 6 hour trips to and from PA. So I’m a bit frazzled. Yesterday I had a sore throat, and today I’m feeling full blown ill. Sara and I have been looking for houses for after we’re married, and I have an appointment again today to go look, when I’d rather be sleeping on the couch.

So I’m sorry I can’t make sense in my posts for awhile….hopefully I’ll feel better after my bachelors party this weekend. Oh by the way, if you want to go, call Jon.

EDIT: Link fixed, thanks Jimmy.

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