My stove is air conditioned.

I read a pretty good bit over at generally suck) written by, of all people, Robert Redford, about America’s oil addiction. The piece is generally well written and actually points out some of the more positive things to come out of the gas price-hike as of late. The only thing I don’t like is the .org affiliation that he mentions…which brings back memories of which he also mentions. Hollywood has some pretty out of whack thinking in some cases, but hey, not everyone is perfect.

This brings me to my second thought. With the required and expensive advent of me needing to register my car in Maryland, it has driven me to wonder what would be my next car. (My car is a 1994 and is apparently pretty long in the tooth, despite my best efforts.)  I checked online about that new Toyota Yaris that you see on TV for dirt cheap and it apparently isn’t all that bad. But this brings up the dilemma I always run into in life: Do you get the souped-up-super-fast BMW-ish car, or do you go mid-range between features and speed, or do you go the cheap-ish Yaris route?

With my last laptop(a Sony Vaio TR3-A, which I have since sold) I went for the super-compact-and-extended-battery life route. This meant, however, that it had a fairly pokey processor, and an integrated videocard. So…in car terms, its your Yaris(although it also cost as much as a Yaris pretty much…Sony sucks so bad.) I travelled a lot when I had the laptop, so being small with a good battery life was a good thing. But keeping the CNN article in mind, whats a good car for the future? If I buy a gas-guzzler today, will I be forced into obsolesence later by things like E85 and the like?

I’m not sure what I’ll decide when it comes to a new car, but these are the things I consider. I like my 6-cylinder Lexus, as it has decent power, and nice AC, but it also rarely gets above 30mpg(highway travel is about the only time it does.)  Of course, I’ll drive my Lexus until the wheels fall off, but once they do, I’ll be looking. I’ve always considered a Vespa, but how practical is that going to be on my commute? We’ll see.

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