I just wanna elevate myself.

No pictures, my camera was apparently left on by whomever was trying to watch movies of boobies on it last so its dead. I have since plugged it in to charge though. There are other things though.

First of all, I read an article about The CVS Cop-Out and how it affects most people. I too have suffered from this same phenomena, but find there is generally nothing that can be done about it. It really sucks when something big like Gnome falls into this ploy, as of the last release when I found the “Copying large numbers of files from a FAT32/NTFS volume to a native Linux volume causes some files to just disappear” bug. I had to wait 6 months for a fix on that one due to the Ubuntu release cycle. The article just basically looks at all sides of the problem, but offers no real conclusions. It just makes me happy because thats exactly where I’m at with it all. Thats not to say that I haven’t pulled the CVS code and compiled from source myself, its just that I like my GUIs.

In personal news, I’m working four 10 hour days this week so I can take Friday off and get my marraige license. We’re closing in on the big event very quickly. I get married on June 24th. (Unrelated note, bachelors party June 10th in Erie.) Friday I also get to have my tux fitted with Robin and Joe. Then later in the day, Sara and I meet with DJ Christine to go over our playlist for the wedding. Then its pretty much on cruise control until the big day. I already have a limo service picked out and payed for…so whats to worry about, right? Heh.

Maybe I’ll get some time tonight to update with a big more stuff, but the way things have been going, I highly doubt it. So I guess I’ll sniff you jerks later.

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