Blow your eyes.

What a weekend. Went to the Preakness with Kieron, Jon, Romero, and Calhoun. We had ‘infield tickets’ which grant you access to the grassy inner circle of the track to watch the races. Needless to say, I only saw horses once in the 6 or so hours we were there. It was pretty fun overall. I got an awesome T-shirt sunburn. Hopefully no one at work asks questions about that one, heh. I should be able to post a pic or two once I unload them from my camera. We’ll see.

In other news, I did a fresh install of Dapper on my computer on Friday. (Well..really I tried to just upgrade my copy of Breezy Badger, but it exploded at the PCMCIA-CS step and melted down my current install.) I can honestly say that linux has come a long, long, way in the last 18 or so months. I mean, you can now install directly from the LiveCD, you don’t need to diddle with sources.list by hand to get the goodies, and the overall look and feel are vastly cleaned up. I know I said it last time around, but I’ll say it for sure this time: Linux is ready for everyone. Well…one last thing it needs for Joe Momma to be able to use it is include Flash from the get go. (Lets hope that the GPL flash implementation gets better, or that Macromedia digs its head out of its ass.) I am totally and completely in love with Ubuntu, and whats more, XGL and Compiz are rocking so hard core. I used Mac OSX yesterday, and it honestly feels like Linux is up to the task. I’ll post more about Dapper as I have time to check out F-Spot, Beagle, etc.

And finally, here is a really cool optical illusion. What you do is stare at the dot in the center for about 30 seconds, and then mouse-over the image and it’ll change. Our brains are incredibly stupid for being so smart. I mean, after all, we invented the Web 2.0 right? That takes brains.

Seacrest out.

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