The calm before the nap.

I apologize for not having updated my site recently. You see, my fiance Sara just graduated from college with a degree in Nutrition yesterday. She also spent the previous week or so down here in Baltimore visiting me. Together, we’ve been trying to get into shape for our upcoming honeymoon in Aruba, and I’ve been working some overtime, of course, so my free time is at a Google-esque premium.

In other news, I got my new free phone from Verizon. Its an LG LX8100 I believe. It has a mini-SD slot, and is connected to VCAST and has all sorts of other bells and whistles I have yet to learn about. The really cool thing is that it has Bluetooth. This basically means that I will join the unwashed masses of idiots who walk around all day with their ear piece in and talk at random times to people you can’t see. Well…I’ll actually probably use it mostly when I’m driving, but it should be nice anyways. The real benefit of this phone, so far, has been the voice quality. It is a HUGE upgrade from my old phone, and is by far the best voice quality I’ve heard on a cell phone yet. But enough from my consumatron self.

I should have some sort of content to post soon enough. I have to work some overtime tonight (7pm to 10pm I think) but other than that, Sara has a job interview at John-Hopkins tomorrow and then goes back to Erie until the wedding. I love her to death, but this means free time should return shortly.

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