I rocked a castle.

So this weekend, Jon, Sara, and I went to my friend Titus’ wedding in Saxonburg. Well, technically the wedding was in Elwood City, but the reception(the important part) was in Saxonburg…in A CASTLE!! Thats right, a castle. Not a plywood and plaster castle like Medieval Times, but a real stone castle, with a drawbridge, stone wall, and cement parking lot.

Shakespeare's Castle.

The wedding ceremony itself was great because it was sprinkled with the kind of humor that has made Titus’ and Kristen’s relationship so great. I was actually pretty moved by it(don’t tell Sara.)


A lot of the people that we all graduated with were there and it was truly great. I really missed them. It was definitely great to have the old gang back together. Makes me feel kinda old, but whatever, everyone is doing great.

Sara, Jon, and Tim.

And finally, a picture of Jon, Titus aka the man of the hour, and myself. We were all having a pretty good time, and of course, dressed to kill. What a great weekend.

Jon, Titus, and Crazy Uncle Ben.
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  1. Jimbo Billy Bahe says:

    Where is the porn?

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