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Boston is getting blown out by the Indians, can you believe it? Advertisements

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My flight takes off at 6:30, my bags are packed, and I’m going without a laptop. I plan on keeping a journal. First class flight though, so I can’t complain. See you in a couple of weeks I guess.

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No, something.

So it looks like i’ll be travelling for work again. Great right? I get to be gone for roughly 3 weeks. I’ll be back on May 3rd, just in time for Sara’s graduation. I’m not thrilled, lets just leave it … Continue reading

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The truth is in there.

So apparently, the NSA is looking at every bit of traffic that crosses an AT&T line without a warrant or reason. Thats everyone in the USA folks. Even if AT&T isn’t your ISP, you use their backbones…they haveĀ  big stake … Continue reading

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I rocked a castle.

So this weekend, Jon, Sara, and I went to my friend Titus’ wedding in Saxonburg. Well, technically the wedding was in Elwood City, but the reception(the important part) was in Saxonburg…in A CASTLE!! Thats right, a castle. Not a plywood … Continue reading

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How I spent my weekend.

I’ve got a somewhat biggish update coming tonight about what I did over the weekend. Its got some pictures and whatnot, so it’ll be good, I just didn’t get enough time last night to edit it all and put it … Continue reading

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