We fear change.

Well, lets see, AMD has had the performance/price lead in CPU’s for what….3…or is it 4 years now? I have ALWAYS been a loyal supporter of their business, and have only actually owned one Intel processor. (What a mistake, Celerons suck!)
Today, I read an article over at Anandtech that shows that Intel may again retake the performance crown. And this is by no small margin like their crappy EE edition(Anyone can stuff 20 megs of cache on a crappy processor to make it run faster.) The new Conroe processor looks to smoke AMD’s best offering by anywhere from 10 to 40 percent. This somewhat upsets me. But now, thinking clearly, I realize whats going on. I offer to you the following story…

Does anyone remember a few years back(well maybe more than a few) when ATI made videocards that were a sick joke? The crappy ones that offered nothing in the way of 3D performance or acceleration, yet marketed them as such, and sold them at bottom dollar prices? Every system integrator like Gateway and Dell were quick to throw these trashy videocards in their systems to save a few bucks, which cost the adoption of true 3D accelerators years in progress. People owned these cards, and as such, videogame developers were forced to play to the lowest common denominator while nVidia and 3DFX made cards that actually worked(don’t laugh.) Now, ATI is trying to keep up with nVidia and hope that no one remembers their laughable past.

Jump ahead to today. Intel, the industry leader/dinosaur, realizes its been bested by relative newcomer AMD and decides that instead of putting out overpriced, overheating, and expensive processors, as has always been their business model, they decide to innovate a bit and make a part that actually works. Good for you Intel. But I must say one thing: I haven’t forgot how shitty ATI videocards were, and I won’t ever forget how Intel has run its business.
Intel uses anticompetitive practices by forcing vendor lock-in and such(I mean, look at that stupid Skype 10-way calling fiasco if you want proof) and AMD has somehow risen to the top. I mean, if it weren’t for AMD, we’d all be running single-threaded 32-bit CPUs still, so competition helps everyone. Cheers for AMD. I, for one, will continue to support them even if their CPUs are 10x slower than Intel’s and cost twice as much. I never forget. My computer will always have an AMD processor and an nVidia videocard, because I will always support companies that do the right thing.

Hopefully, you’ll do the same thing.

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