Two hot steamy doses of good news.

First, apparently the crew that is responsible for Jackass is filming a sequel to the movie, tentatively titled Jackass 2. I was a big fan of their mind-numbingly stupid show as well as the original movie, so for me this is good news. For the rest of you that think on a higher level, I apologize for wasting your time with this. How did I learn this nugget? By listening to my Sirius satellite radio. Bam has a show on every monday night, and he revealed that himself and the rest of the crew were in West Chester filming the movie. So I guess the cats out of the bag on that one. Huzzah.

And now for dose two. I am coming amazingly close to finishing my shmup-dev entry, titled Clouds. I have to record a few more sound effects, and two songs, and then finish a few graphics up, and I’m done. This will probably come very close to the March 20th deadline to enter, but hey, it’ll be done. What does my game look like you ask? Well I’d love to show you, if it didn’t still contain placeholder art. Needless to say, you’ll see it very soon. But I just had to post about it because it makes me happy.

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