Rockin the suburbs.

I couldn’t help but make a musical related post. You’ve heard of iTunes by now I’m sure, but have you heard of eMusic? Its a site very much like iTunes except that you get 25 free downloads when you start, and whats more, music is only 25 cents a track! Thats nearly in my budget! This isn’t just a shameless plug. eMusic carries artists on independent labels and alternative music to the more mainstream things you’d find on other music services. This leaves them with a very diverse portfolio of music to download. Thats more my taste.

Also, since I bought a shirt for Sara from Neighborhoodies, I’ve been getting their annoying email newsletter telling me about all their new crap they make. Normally, they get instantly deleted, but today was different. They sent me an email about Amp Camp. This site sells cds. So what? Thats what I thought, but they offer a whole lot more. They sell cds of unsigned bands. They’ll cds for any band that wants to send them cds. Thats amazing. So if your garage rock band cuts an album and wants to get it distributed, they can do that with Amp Camp. Stupid name? Yes. Good idea? Oh huzzah. If and when I cut my ultimate album, I plan to make it available this way, so keep your eyes peeld.

Also, in honor of thy fadz, I am posting the following hilarious picture of my main man Bobba Fette…rockin like its supposed to be done.

Bobba Fette rockin' the suburbs.

Have a great weekend everyone. I shall celebrate mine in the usual fashion, at Medieval Times!! (Happy birthday Jon! Everyone send him some birthday wishes, or money, either or both will do.)

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