I read some political news this morning, and it reminded me precisely of why I don’t read political news. The state of the United States is sad and pathetic.

Firstly, this is just ungodly wrong. We hold ‘terrorists’ in prison for 4 years without trial or accusation. Let freedom ring.

Then, we spy on our own citizens under the auspices of protecting them from terrorists without warrant or due cause. At least someone has a sound mind in our political machine. I mean, if one government orginization is allowed to break the law, then why shouldn’t they all be?

And our country will most likely remain under marshall law. Now, I hate to be a reactionist, but things have never looked so bleak in my short lifetime. I’m not one of those people that think the government is constantly conspiring against its populace, but these developments as of late are looking more an more Orwellian by the day.

This bit may not seem that appalling at first. But then read the questions; specificaly the one about IBM in Nazi Germany. So basically Lantos is comparing China to Nazi Germany. Awesome. Just because another nation’s laws and beliefs differ from the US’s does not make them a Nazi Terrorist regime. I don’t like censorship one bit, but China isn’t killing its people or systematically wiping out religions.

I guess today will just have to be a bad day in political history for me. Perhaps this weekend will cheer me up. Good day all.

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One Response to 1-900-USA-NAILS

  1. Dan D. says:

    I think the people who are perpetuating these atrocities depend entirely on making those of us who see the bullshit feel helpless. And whenever I feel like the “man” (so to speak), has got me down, I just remember he’s as much of a stupid monkey as I am. So,everytime I hear a new infringement of individual rights, or some riddiculous overreaching of power, I’m not afraid. It’s just the monkey throwing poop. The more the man throws his poop at me the more he just seems silly.
    Happy weekend.

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