Fluoridization, Tin Foil Hats, and Prescious Bodily Fluids.

I read this interesting site awhile ago, but it didn’t seem as funny at the time. Last week some time I heard some clips of Dave Chappelle on Oprah(don’t get me started) where he was asked about why he never took the 50 million dollar deal with Comedy Central to make a 3rd season of the show. Basically he just dodged the question with a bunch of side stepping answers about morality and some other crazy talk. Now, I’ve seen the commercials on Comedy Central that Dave Chappelle is actualy making a new season of Chappelle’s Show. Weird.

So what gives? I have no idea either. He’s supposed to be on Stern at some point. I suppose he’ll get some answers out of Dave. Also, I should point out that I never actually watched Chappelle’s Show, but I know it was pretty popular. I’m just more curious about what kind of idiot doesn’t take 50 million dollars for a few weeks worth of work. I guess we’ll find out whenever Dave is ready to talk.

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