Its a really early X-mas this year. 10 months early that is.

Well, I was rather suprised reading something earlier while browsing the web. Xgl and Compiz are released.

What is Xgl you ask? Why its the next generation X graphics subsystem based on OpenGL. It adds a layer to the whole thing that takes X’s normally framebuffered rendering and abstracts the whole thing to video hardware, freeing up your CPU to do work like play solitaire or watch more google video. Compiz is the corresponding compositing manager that goes with Xgl to enable the accelerated goodness.

The reason this is such a shocker is that I wasn’t expecting it this soon. If I know the story correctly, Novell took over development of Xgl after the original developer moved on. The crappy thing about it is that Novell didn’t allow open access to the source code while it was in development, which, needless to say, angered many open source developers; as thats what makes it open source.
But it appears that Novell has sent the source to for inclusion in the standard server distribution. I’m not sure how soon we can expect to see anything like this included in standard linux distributions, but I would be elated if it was included in Dapper Drake before it is released.

Here’s hoping. A more technical description can be read on the mailing list, here. A less technical description can be found over at CNet….who are corporate news scum, but they do a good job on this one.

Be sure to hit the links for all the eyecandy screenshots and movies.

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