Peacock skeleton with crooked feathers.

Well, I think its about time for me to take the lid off of this one. I have been for the past  month working on a game. The game is programmed in C/C++ using SDL for graphics/timing/input. But to spare you the technical details, the game will be entered into the Horizontal Shooter with BOSS! competition over at Shmup-dev.

With any luck, my game will be seen as somewhat original and noteworthy because I will be going in a pretty interesting direction with the graphics and sound. Just think old school. The competition ends in March, so I at least have plenty of time to refine it.

I am letting everyone know this now, because in my entire life, I have NEVER finished programming a game. None. Zero. Zilch. Nada. Cero, etc. This is the first time I have ever even come close. My game, which shall go nameless for the time being, is nearing feature complete. This means that I can be done with the programming part, and then focus on level design, graphics, and sound. Amazing what good planning and plenty of spare time can do, right? I’m excited about the whole thing. I’ll be releasing a demo before I’m done with the game, and you can expect to see screenshots before that. I’ve never been so close to being done before though. Woo!

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