All is well that ends well.

Well, despite the fact that the fine print of my upgrade with 1and1 said that I would need to back up all data and prepare for the end when I upgraded, everything seems to have remained in tact. This pleases me, as I had trouble backing up every last bit of my data due to the fact that gFTP is a steaming pile of crap. I ended up using Gnome VFS by “Connecting to server…” at Ian’s recommendation.

This means that I can now set my sights back on producing a horribly low amount of content for my site. Awesome.

In OS related news, Ian has been running on the bleeding edge of Dapper Drake for awhile now, and it makes me extremely jealous. Dapper Drake, for the those of you that aren’t nerds, is the upcoming release of Ubuntu Linux;my OS of choice. It will be released in March, and at that time, an upgrade tool that will allow us Breezy Badger users to upgrade in full to Dapper. The problem is waiting. I keep reading about all the improvements Gnome is receiving, speed and bug wise, and it makes me wish I could experience it myself. I’m really glad that the dev’s have turned towards improving their software in the speed/reliability sense before again adding features and then asking why its slow. Now is a great time to be experiencing the whole open source software thing.

Sorry to ramble, but less on that later.

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