A moment of deep insight.


I can’t exactly explain what I’m about to talk about, so I’ll generalize. For about two weeks, I’ve been banging my head up against the wall about a programming problem. It was a seemingly straight forward problem that seemed to be easily solved. But then, the nuances of the thing jumped out in front of me.

Well, after trying to defeat it with brute force, then trying to outsmart it with diagrams and logic, I basically had given up. But last night, as I was nearly falling asleep, I finally thought up another angle to attack it from, and tonight, it actually works.

I learned from Dr. Burchard and Dr. Coulston in college that a problem you will always remember is one that you struggle with. My only problem with that logic is that in college, there isn’t enough time to struggle with each and every problem, but in real life, I actually like this approach.

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