The late shift.

Well, as of this week, I have started working from 4pm to midnight. Most of you would hate to work these hours, and I totally understand that, but for me these hours are awesome. Why, you ask? Well, because I generally like to wake up around 8am. This lets me wake up, eat some breakfast, and then workout a bit while listening to my Sirius radio. Then I can spend the rest of the morning and afternoon doing whatever I want.

Another added benefit of this is that less goes on at work between 4 and midnight. My boss isn’t around, very few people bother me, so I generally get a lot of coding work or other things done. This also means that I’ve been working on my FSM tutorial that I earlier talked about. Its proven to be a real refresher in C/C++ and programming in general.

Also, Ian and I have started working on a joint venture. Not much to speak of as of yet, but its nice to be doing something productive involving Ian. We’ve always meant to do something like this together, but for whatever reason, one or both of us lose focus. Lets hope that that doesn’t happen this time.

Also, my next update should contain the release of a new article. Hopefully one that will draw a little attention. Probably won’t be my FSM tutorial, but who really cares anyways? FSM’s are old news.

Onwards and upwards.

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