Well I’m sentimental.

I hate to do this, but I think I have to. Two things.

First, my desktop is smoking sexy. I wish words could describe it. Well, they can, to a certain extent. First of all, I’m using some awesome Ubuntu Gnome themes and icons. Second, I have drop shadows and transparency effects enabled thanks to xcompmgr.

Oh my my.

Second, in the spirit of the season, I wish you a Merry Rokken X-mas! (Courteousy of the H that is Local.)

Continue on your merry way.

EDIT: I understand you can see my buddy list and the names on it. Go ahead and send them some IM’s. See if I give a crap.

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One Response to Well I’m sentimental.

  1. the stumbling one says:

    Its good to see you have a forum to discuss all your high tech shenanigans worldwide. How is Baltimore? State College is rockin’…probably becuase I live here now. The Ms. and I are headed to Miami for the bowl game, so maybe we will be lucky enough to hear the stylish crooning of Ashley Simpson or Maroon 5…always a treat to the senses. take care…give me a ring if you head back to the mountains of PA….see ya sluggo

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