An interesting thing.

I was updating my site earlier, and noticed, via Technorati, that my site was linked to by someone who quoted me on my Bright Eyes rant. I hesitate to link to Kadnine but I appreciate the thoughtful look. I am quite proud of my rant on Bright Eyes, personally. I may even make that a feature on the site. But I am flattered that someone read my site and actually listened. Thats important.

In other news, according to Wikipedia, my favorite type of music has been, and always will be, extremo.

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One Response to An interesting thing.

  1. Kadnine says:

    Whoops! I sincerely apologize for not dropping a comment thanking you for your commentary before quoting you. I also found you through Technorati, which is a terribly impersonal way of introduction, isn’t it?

    In any case, nice site you have here. Pleasure to meet you.

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