Its not what you think.

Well, its doubtful that said article will get posted tonight. I’m meeting up with some friends later for a round of tomfoolery. But I found something today thats so freakin’ amazing it’ll blow your mind.

Its called Pandora. You type in a band or a song or words describing music you want to hear, and it uses magic to find that music, and things that are similar and makes a radio station for you. And whats more, you can rate songs up or down based on how much you like them. To me, this is infinitely useful for discovering new music and bands.

The only downside of course, is that its made with flash. Which means its not useable on all operating systems, just those that Macromedia deems worthy. It should at least keep you entertained for awhile though. I know I’ve been playing with it all day.

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