My new favorite toy.

Holy crap!!

I read a review of the BlackDog over at XYZ Computing, and it just may have swayed the ranking of my x-mas list. This thing is a linux powered USB handheld computer based on a PowerPC processor. What this means is that you plug it into your Windows or Linux based computer, set it up to recognize your fingerprint, and then launch applications from it like they were your own.

So you take this 1.6 oz. thing to work, plug it into the USB port of your work computer, and work away. Then, you take it home, sync it up with your Ubuntu powered desktop, and the day is complete. No more carrying duplicate sets of data back and forth. This thing also comes with an SDK so you can develop Linux apps right inside of Windows.

I hope to god Santa is reading this. I would surrender a Nex for it!

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