8-bit revolution!

Last week, while at a used games store, a co-worker and I descovered the best thing ever. Nintendo’s patents on the original NES hardware have expired. What does this mean to you and I? It means great and wonderous things. You see, while looking at a stack of old NES games and remembering all the good ones, we noticed something called a Yabo FC Game Console.

When we asked the store nerd what this was, he told us that it was an imitiation Nintendo that was made possible by lapsed patents. We then asked him other questions about quality and such, and then 40 some odd dollars later, had a black, top-loading imitation Nintendo.

Well, I am proud to say that after over a week of hardcore testing, this thing checks out as top quality. It plays all the games we’ve thrown at it, all with the original slowdown and flickering we’ve come to loathe and enjoy. So if you have an extra 40 or so wing wangs lying around, go get one of these. Also, buy a bunch of kickass games, like Solar Jetman, or Bionic Commando.

Long live the Nintendo. Also, this gives me an idea for a project…

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