When the President records a folk album….

I hate to do this, but alas, I must.

I just got done watching a musician I admire play on Jay Leno. Bright Eyes, who’s earlier music was inspiring and varied, played a song which I can only guess is titled “When the President Talks to God.” It was a scathing “song” about the current state of politics under George Bush’s reign. I say “song” because there was basically no musical content, and the lyrics were more of a poem or speech about how George Bush is religious, and makes decision based on his faith. About how his decisions are made based on a voice which he only thinks is god, in his head. And about how pretty much everything that is wrong in America is more or less his fault.

While songs about politics are all well and good in their proper place and time, I personally couldn’t believe what I was seeing. For Connor Oburst, aka Bright Eyes, who’s former area’s of expertise include drinking, love, and heartbreak, I find this recent excursion into the realm of politics, to put it bluntly, insane. Thats the only word I can think of to describe it. Bright Eye’s previous forays into the realm of politics usually foucs more on general dismay or dissatisfaction, rather than blind hatred. Even though I don’t personally care for his previous political efforts, I espeically hate this latest one.

George Bush is our president, take it or leave it. The majority has spoken. Release one political CD, or a thousand, he will still be president tomorrow. Will this influence his decisions as a political leader? Nope. So then why do I think this is insane? Because Bright Eyes has no more place writing a political song as scathing as this, as George Bush has recording a folk album about love and heartbreak. Its just insane. I really did like Bright Eye’s previous CDs. They were catchy, and somber, if not somewhat tongue-in-cheek, but now I can honestly say I will never pay another dime for one of his songs. I used to listen to his carefully crafted lyrics about growing up in the midwest, but just as he will never vote for George Bush, I will never put my “vote” in for him.

I just can’t see how Bright Eyes doing this helps anything. George Bush’s lack of policy on our open borders, his light-hearted attempt at social security reform, or his stance on North Korea’s nuclear proliferation don’t sit well with me. I for one think that social security is a joke, and that people shouldn’t have a crutch to rely on for retirement; save your own damn money! But do I provide this information in a public forum on a regular basis, making myself seem some sort of pseudo-expert or at least a knowledgeable source? I go on in my life with my idea’s tucked safely away in my head where I know they will remain, sound and founded. Upon the day when I am deemed a political expert or source of great knowledge, I will share my ideas with the vast masses. But until that day, I exist only as “Ben Foote, a single person with a single opinion.”

I hope that Connor Oburst’s heady political commentary will someday come back to haunt him and make him realize that perhaps he’s not an expert, merely a preacher of the false word, much the same as he paints our President to be. Perhaps the voices in Connor’s head aren’t telling him the truth?

If you bothered to read through any of this, and can relate to any of it, I hope I’ve helped open your eyes on independent thought somewhat. Its what made this country great at one time.

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