Blue ruin

I’ve been thinking alot today about where my life is headed. I mean, I’ve spent nearly the last year of my life, at least my post-college life, in a job that I never really liked. I’m almost 25 years old, and I have nothing to show for it really. I’m going to get married next summer, and I have nothing stable. I think that once my contract is up with my current job, near the end of June, I’ll take a break and look for a different job.

Not to mention the fact that while on the road, my creativity has been totally ruined. I think of great ideas that I want to put into action, and I can’t do shit about it because all I have with me is clothes, a laptop, and a gamboy. Oh, and I have an mp3 player as well; without which, I’d go insane. Music is the only stable thing in my life right now. I listen to it every day.

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